Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Would Like To Do In 5years

Hey it is me again. For this week, we are required to post our very 6th entry about what I would like to do in 5 years. Everyone have their own mision and vision in their life. Well this is what I would like to do in 5 years.
First thing first, for the first 2 years i want to graduate with flying colors and if there is luck i want to be in the Dean's List that can make my parents especially my mother proud of me. IT is not as easy as abc but I will try my very best to achieve it with my barely hand. Eventhough my black background will make it possible for me to achieve that but pass is the pass right. We are all talking and looking for the future now. Within the first 2 years i will have 2 practical outside the UiTM, I am really hopeful that I will sent by to the exclusive or 5 stars hotel for me to do practical because from there I will learn many new things in the industry. I will do the best in my practical.
For the third year, after i graduated I'll work for a couple of years to gain experience. From there I can see where will I go and where I good at and bad at. It'll show my path. If I can go further working in the industry and gain more salary and been promoted to the higher level like sous chef, fish chef or executive chef perhaps more than other people does, I'll stay with the industry. Well it just a every culinarian dreams right, if there's no luck for me with all that I'll try to open my own business. A restaurant perhaps? Where I'll cook and serve good people with good foods and of course good price too. Start with small business where I am the chef, I am the cook and I am the manager and further with one or two branch and having some employees maybe. Employed chefs, server,manager and consierge. Gain income more that RM100k+.
It just planning anyway but let us pray that all these will come true.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dream Woman

She is an artist and a bit of a bohemian and her style and looks are perfect in my books. She has a very natural look and does not pretend to be someone other than who she is and very rarely wears makeup and I like this. She has purplish hair and is tall with legs that never end. Her eyes are her best asset and looking into them I can tell stories and can tell when she is feeling good and/or upset or when something is bothering her. Her lips are full and soft as satin. She has a confidence that tells the world that she is very comfortable living inside her skin. She is not an skinny but not over weight either, and her skin is wonderful and soft.Have a warm body to keep me warm at night.someone who's understanding and forgiving. She must be a great love and a best friend.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life

Here goes again, for my fourth blog entry I am required to talk about the best thing ever happened in my life. There are many best and amazing things that happened in my life but the best from the best thing that has happened in my life is, I would say it is my best friends which are Adika(dick), Firdaus(yam) and Yunus(nuy). I have made friends with these people most of them since almost 9 years ago. When I was in the primary school in standard 4, I was in the class 4 Zamrud. There i met dika, I was in the same class with him, same goes when I was in standard 5 and 6. I still can remember when I watched my first movie which is Eight Legged Freak with him at Bukit Raja cinema. I do a lots of primary school's student did with him mostly.

When I'm in the secondary school which is in SMKS7, I still in the same school with Dika. From there, I met Firdaus when I was in Form 3. We were not too close at first time I met him. He was just a small student that time but he's the wildest and the loudest in that school. He done a lot of bad things compared to us. He was more to mastermind of the bad side.

Then I met Nuy when I was in Form5. I met him through Dika. Nuy was our senior in that school. He brought along Nuy with him when we hang out at our neighbour hood. He tought us about the matured thingy as in to communicate, talk and walk as a matured people. Since he have more experienced and travel a lots than us since he was still a kid, we, Dika, me and Yam respects him more.

We've been through a lot of good and bad of things together. We gain knowledge, new learning, wasted time together. You can say almost everyday we spent our time together and now Dika further his studies in Lim Kok Wing University, Firdaus is working with his brother's company and Nuy is working in an architek's company at SS15, Subang Jaya. The memories with them is speechless and priceless. This is why I state that there are the best thing that has ever happened to my life.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

As you guys know, we people have a lots of feebleness such as annoying behavior, lousy and noisy mouth. People that noticed their feebleness will try to improve and change them. As for me, I would like to change my disciplines. It can goes to my discipline in prayers, classes, and studies. I am saying this because with my present discipline, I oftenly left my prayers usually when it comes to Subuh prayers. I woke up late and sometimes i slept till afternoon. This is very bad. For discipline in classes, i always go to class late, like to bother and distract other students in the class till it annoyed them. There is once this class where there were having a quiz, i was late for 1 hour and they waited for me to proceed with the paper. I was really regret and ashame with that behavior. Lucky me the lecturer was okay with it and there was no marks were deducted. As for my studies, I always study at the last minute for example when there is a paper, I will study at the night before the paper. I don't have any early preparation with the studies. I will try my best to improve all my frailty in disciplines with stting my alarms early than before. I will also sleep early than before too and try to follow my sleep's curfew. I'll also make a schedule on my studies where it consists of all the timetable for me when I will having my take five, studies and sleep. I also going to be more focus on class and try not to distract people no more.

I also want to change my perception towards life. I see life is a funny and interesting thing to think about it. Many things can happen in our life and it is unpredictable. I don't always get the sweet things out of it but yet when I get the worst, I still make it through and continue my life as it is. Even the worst thing that I get as big as a mountain but I will try solve it with my solution as wide as the sky. Yes life is once a life but it doesn't meant that we can live the life to the fullest. I will try to full my life with a lots of good things as in merits for my religion and do good things like respect to the eldest. I also want to change my attitude so that people will change their expectations on me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Do I Spend My Holiday

On the 23rd of January, the holiday starts. It was the first and the last holiday for this semester. This is when I started to live life to the maximum, hahaha. I arrived at my hometown which in Shah Alam at 7 p.m. that day. As soon as I got home, I unpacked my things and started to go out with my friends. We hang out at the restaurant called Kedai Kopi Abah which just behind the Hakim restaurant.

On the 25th of January, I went to Malacca that day with my family. As usual I have to be the driver for them. We visited our beautiful grandma at Kampung Serkam pantai near the Merlimau. For the next day, we decided to take a boat at Malacca Town at the we called it "Susur Sungai Malacca". For some reason i forgot to bring my camera and take pictures there. The view was so amazing. It was a 9 kilometre journey. From the boat we can see a village that has been upgraded with a new paint and lights along the river. We taught it was a muzium, a big muzium but suddenly we started to think rasionally there's no way people there would do something like that and we started to see people walking around in the house and do things like country people does for example, kids playing around with theirself, the oldest are talking to each and chit-chat. Ya but no offense guys. After 20 minutes watching the view, we saw a funfair with a lots and lots of people queing to play the ferris wheel. There is also the "Eye Of Malacca" there u know. For those who have money and don't know what to do with them, you can try to go there and have a ride with the boat there. It was lovely ride and it was an hour ride you know.
We got back at Shah Alam for the next day.

On the 29th of January, me and my friends went to the waterfall at Hulu Langat called "Pangsun". This is when the fun part starts. The morning before we went there, we supposed to meet up the others at a restaurant in Bukit Jelutong at 8 p.m. but suddenly we woke up at 9 p.m. Rushingly we take our shower and packing, luckily we arrived there before them hahaha. Supposed the journey takes only 1 hour but for us we take 3 hours because of the lost and loss memory, we go way there and way over there without any direction. I can see the villagers starts pointing at our cars because they scared we were trying to do something but to them. After we arrived there, we were so happy. It was like "finally!". We got down from the car and started to ran to the waterfall and just jumped into it with thinking how deep it is and the rocks. Lucky for us nothing happened. The view was very amazing, we were stunned for a moment just to enjoy the view.After a long hours of fun moment we started to noticed that we got hungry and we were out of stock. Lucky us, an ice-cream motorcycle came from no where with the bell belling. We ran to stopped the ice-cream guy and I bought an ice-cream bread. It was delicious that time. After an hour from eating the ice-cream, we started to packing and on our way home we got hungry again and stopped at a stall sells DURIAN! The durian was very sweet and the colour was very yellow like when i see the colour my appetite's getting bigger.
We continue our journey home and suddenly it was raining heavily. We stopped at Kuala Lumpur first to send one of my friend home and went to Restaurant Kampung Pandan. The food are very delicious and cheap too.
After I got back from Hulu Langat, I just hang out with my friends around the neighbour hood, my friend's restaurant, Bukit Jelutong or Damansara Damai until the last night of my holiday, We went to Asia Cafe which in SS15, Subang Jaya. I got home at 5 a.m and slept for 3 hours and take my bus from Section17 to Dungun, Terengganu and here I am writing this blog "how Do I Spend My Holiday" for my lecturer =)

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTM Student For One Semester

UiTM is a place where they gives education to its student and it is all Bumiputra. They are every where. Even in Sarawak also they have one branch there. Im my experience being a student here in UiTM is really full of joy. This is because the students here, you can say every branch are quite friendly even the location is really far from its town and they are really lack of entertainment but they still can suit theirself here and they still can entertaint each other. UiTM is a one place that also know as a place to gather people from another part of the country because as you can see they take students from asexample West,East,North and even South and combined in one place. Some of these students especially from town or rich family will like "eeuuww come on,you guys are so lame" when they do something that don't have standards. This always happen to the new comers which are part 1 students but this sarcasm behavior will only last for the first one week they arrived here, two weeks top and I can assure you that.

I also found that the lecturer here in UiTM is more educated, knowlegable and more understanding in students needs for education and how the students can achieve and understand the information given. This is because not everyone can understand english professionally. Even the lecturer use the high quality of standard english as the College Institute does like the foreigners but the lecturers know what to do to ensure that the students know the points that they trying to give and they will make sure that the students can easily score in that course. The surrounding in UiTM i found that it is very independent surrounding. It'll teach the students that they can't always stand on someone's foot to achieve something. They can't depend on someone. Facilities and advantage are already given by the government such as study loan (PTPTN), the fees are way more cheaper than the College Institute, subsidies, gym, cheaper rate hostel and reading room.

In UiTM they teach you more specific to what you want to be and learn. As example if you want to be a chef they'll offer you Culinary Arts. Compared to College Institute they only offers you Hospitality Industry which are not specific to cooking at all and its final paper and question are very high standards. Its marking process are very strict as well compared to non-government institute everything deals with money. If you want to pass you also have to use money. It's like "no money, no talk".

As for me, when I have children, I will make UiTM as a first choice to further their studies after the high school.