Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTM Student For One Semester

UiTM is a place where they gives education to its student and it is all Bumiputra. They are every where. Even in Sarawak also they have one branch there. Im my experience being a student here in UiTM is really full of joy. This is because the students here, you can say every branch are quite friendly even the location is really far from its town and they are really lack of entertainment but they still can suit theirself here and they still can entertaint each other. UiTM is a one place that also know as a place to gather people from another part of the country because as you can see they take students from asexample West,East,North and even South and combined in one place. Some of these students especially from town or rich family will like "eeuuww come on,you guys are so lame" when they do something that don't have standards. This always happen to the new comers which are part 1 students but this sarcasm behavior will only last for the first one week they arrived here, two weeks top and I can assure you that.

I also found that the lecturer here in UiTM is more educated, knowlegable and more understanding in students needs for education and how the students can achieve and understand the information given. This is because not everyone can understand english professionally. Even the lecturer use the high quality of standard english as the College Institute does like the foreigners but the lecturers know what to do to ensure that the students know the points that they trying to give and they will make sure that the students can easily score in that course. The surrounding in UiTM i found that it is very independent surrounding. It'll teach the students that they can't always stand on someone's foot to achieve something. They can't depend on someone. Facilities and advantage are already given by the government such as study loan (PTPTN), the fees are way more cheaper than the College Institute, subsidies, gym, cheaper rate hostel and reading room.

In UiTM they teach you more specific to what you want to be and learn. As example if you want to be a chef they'll offer you Culinary Arts. Compared to College Institute they only offers you Hospitality Industry which are not specific to cooking at all and its final paper and question are very high standards. Its marking process are very strict as well compared to non-government institute everything deals with money. If you want to pass you also have to use money. It's like "no money, no talk".

As for me, when I have children, I will make UiTM as a first choice to further their studies after the high school.

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Miss Syaz said...

Do we have such socialite students?Anyway,good to know that you're doing fine here.Take care