Monday, February 2, 2009

How Do I Spend My Holiday

On the 23rd of January, the holiday starts. It was the first and the last holiday for this semester. This is when I started to live life to the maximum, hahaha. I arrived at my hometown which in Shah Alam at 7 p.m. that day. As soon as I got home, I unpacked my things and started to go out with my friends. We hang out at the restaurant called Kedai Kopi Abah which just behind the Hakim restaurant.

On the 25th of January, I went to Malacca that day with my family. As usual I have to be the driver for them. We visited our beautiful grandma at Kampung Serkam pantai near the Merlimau. For the next day, we decided to take a boat at Malacca Town at the we called it "Susur Sungai Malacca". For some reason i forgot to bring my camera and take pictures there. The view was so amazing. It was a 9 kilometre journey. From the boat we can see a village that has been upgraded with a new paint and lights along the river. We taught it was a muzium, a big muzium but suddenly we started to think rasionally there's no way people there would do something like that and we started to see people walking around in the house and do things like country people does for example, kids playing around with theirself, the oldest are talking to each and chit-chat. Ya but no offense guys. After 20 minutes watching the view, we saw a funfair with a lots and lots of people queing to play the ferris wheel. There is also the "Eye Of Malacca" there u know. For those who have money and don't know what to do with them, you can try to go there and have a ride with the boat there. It was lovely ride and it was an hour ride you know.
We got back at Shah Alam for the next day.

On the 29th of January, me and my friends went to the waterfall at Hulu Langat called "Pangsun". This is when the fun part starts. The morning before we went there, we supposed to meet up the others at a restaurant in Bukit Jelutong at 8 p.m. but suddenly we woke up at 9 p.m. Rushingly we take our shower and packing, luckily we arrived there before them hahaha. Supposed the journey takes only 1 hour but for us we take 3 hours because of the lost and loss memory, we go way there and way over there without any direction. I can see the villagers starts pointing at our cars because they scared we were trying to do something but to them. After we arrived there, we were so happy. It was like "finally!". We got down from the car and started to ran to the waterfall and just jumped into it with thinking how deep it is and the rocks. Lucky for us nothing happened. The view was very amazing, we were stunned for a moment just to enjoy the view.After a long hours of fun moment we started to noticed that we got hungry and we were out of stock. Lucky us, an ice-cream motorcycle came from no where with the bell belling. We ran to stopped the ice-cream guy and I bought an ice-cream bread. It was delicious that time. After an hour from eating the ice-cream, we started to packing and on our way home we got hungry again and stopped at a stall sells DURIAN! The durian was very sweet and the colour was very yellow like when i see the colour my appetite's getting bigger.
We continue our journey home and suddenly it was raining heavily. We stopped at Kuala Lumpur first to send one of my friend home and went to Restaurant Kampung Pandan. The food are very delicious and cheap too.
After I got back from Hulu Langat, I just hang out with my friends around the neighbour hood, my friend's restaurant, Bukit Jelutong or Damansara Damai until the last night of my holiday, We went to Asia Cafe which in SS15, Subang Jaya. I got home at 5 a.m and slept for 3 hours and take my bus from Section17 to Dungun, Terengganu and here I am writing this blog "how Do I Spend My Holiday" for my lecturer =)


indrawasih said...

budak bawah umo xleh tgk gamba2 nie..ha3!!~

Miss Syaz said...

Why do you hang out my some of my hot spots? You'd better be aware of my presence..Memore lost? *Wink* Nice story..