Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

As you guys know, we people have a lots of feebleness such as annoying behavior, lousy and noisy mouth. People that noticed their feebleness will try to improve and change them. As for me, I would like to change my disciplines. It can goes to my discipline in prayers, classes, and studies. I am saying this because with my present discipline, I oftenly left my prayers usually when it comes to Subuh prayers. I woke up late and sometimes i slept till afternoon. This is very bad. For discipline in classes, i always go to class late, like to bother and distract other students in the class till it annoyed them. There is once this class where there were having a quiz, i was late for 1 hour and they waited for me to proceed with the paper. I was really regret and ashame with that behavior. Lucky me the lecturer was okay with it and there was no marks were deducted. As for my studies, I always study at the last minute for example when there is a paper, I will study at the night before the paper. I don't have any early preparation with the studies. I will try my best to improve all my frailty in disciplines with stting my alarms early than before. I will also sleep early than before too and try to follow my sleep's curfew. I'll also make a schedule on my studies where it consists of all the timetable for me when I will having my take five, studies and sleep. I also going to be more focus on class and try not to distract people no more.

I also want to change my perception towards life. I see life is a funny and interesting thing to think about it. Many things can happen in our life and it is unpredictable. I don't always get the sweet things out of it but yet when I get the worst, I still make it through and continue my life as it is. Even the worst thing that I get as big as a mountain but I will try solve it with my solution as wide as the sky. Yes life is once a life but it doesn't meant that we can live the life to the fullest. I will try to full my life with a lots of good things as in merits for my religion and do good things like respect to the eldest. I also want to change my attitude so that people will change their expectations on me.

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Miss Syaz said...

Wish you best of luck..