Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dream Woman

She is an artist and a bit of a bohemian and her style and looks are perfect in my books. She has a very natural look and does not pretend to be someone other than who she is and very rarely wears makeup and I like this. She has purplish hair and is tall with legs that never end. Her eyes are her best asset and looking into them I can tell stories and can tell when she is feeling good and/or upset or when something is bothering her. Her lips are full and soft as satin. She has a confidence that tells the world that she is very comfortable living inside her skin. She is not an skinny but not over weight either, and her skin is wonderful and soft.Have a warm body to keep me warm at night.someone who's understanding and forgiving. She must be a great love and a best friend.


Miss Syaz said...

Erk..You might consider your words..Too ******* you know what I mean..Anyway, hope you'll find that person one day..

bong said...

it is just a guideline anyway miss =)

cik kiah said...

berangan nak awek luar negara. blaja pun x abis lagi. huhuuuuuu.....posted by kiah