Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Would Like To Do In 5years

Hey it is me again. For this week, we are required to post our very 6th entry about what I would like to do in 5 years. Everyone have their own mision and vision in their life. Well this is what I would like to do in 5 years.
First thing first, for the first 2 years i want to graduate with flying colors and if there is luck i want to be in the Dean's List that can make my parents especially my mother proud of me. IT is not as easy as abc but I will try my very best to achieve it with my barely hand. Eventhough my black background will make it possible for me to achieve that but pass is the pass right. We are all talking and looking for the future now. Within the first 2 years i will have 2 practical outside the UiTM, I am really hopeful that I will sent by to the exclusive or 5 stars hotel for me to do practical because from there I will learn many new things in the industry. I will do the best in my practical.
For the third year, after i graduated I'll work for a couple of years to gain experience. From there I can see where will I go and where I good at and bad at. It'll show my path. If I can go further working in the industry and gain more salary and been promoted to the higher level like sous chef, fish chef or executive chef perhaps more than other people does, I'll stay with the industry. Well it just a every culinarian dreams right, if there's no luck for me with all that I'll try to open my own business. A restaurant perhaps? Where I'll cook and serve good people with good foods and of course good price too. Start with small business where I am the chef, I am the cook and I am the manager and further with one or two branch and having some employees maybe. Employed chefs, server,manager and consierge. Gain income more that RM100k+.
It just planning anyway but let us pray that all these will come true.

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Miss Syaz said...

I can eat for free if I go to your restaurant? Good luck with your dream..